Graecy and Piko

Graecy's data:

Name: Blue Island Grae
Register: MOE 29376
Born: Hungary, 2014.02.18
Breeder: Masoumeh Ruzicska

Father: Moonlight Cats Káró / MOE 27900
Mother: Nádasfalvi Bonie / MOE 28087

Graecy recived Excellence I. certification in Fife Hungarica exhibition in 4-7 months category - 2014

Chartreux colorpoint shorthair Graecy

Piko's (Koci) data:

Name: Piko Koci Kosz * (Nick name: Koci) PL
Register: (PL) FPL LO64521
Born: Polonia 2013.11.16
Breeder: Marzenna i Cezary Bogusz

Father: Sunshine von der Freithoeh/(PL) FPL LO 12827
Mother: Elza Koci Kosz*PL/(PL) FPL LO 10989

Piko got a CAC certification in the Felis Hungarica exhibiton - 2014


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